You’re a professional. You’re an expert in what you do. But how do you get that across if you aren’t also an expert writer? Typos, grammatical slips and unfortunate choices of words can make an excellent business sound like a half baked amateur outfit.

I’m a professional writer with a background in marketing. I offer a full feature text service, whether you are looking for sparkling web content or a glossy brochure, and I can work from scratch, add polish to an existing document or simply proofread for your peace of mind.

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A bad workman blames his or her tools. A good worker proofreads!

I’ve been highlighting the spelling and grammar rules that often get forgotten, leading to mistakes in written work. There are other culprits. I’ve mentioned that social media encourages us to post in a hurry, without checking what we’ve typed. Today I was working on the back end of my website, trying to make the portfolio …